Plan Your Trip



Just outside of Matsumoto Station’s Castle (East) Exit is a taxi pick-up zone. Go down to the ground floor and you’ll find it just to the right of the stairs/escalators/elevator. Simply jump into the first taxi in the line. The driver will open the rear door for you.
Standard Rate: ¥700 for the first 1.458 km then an additional ¥100 for every 288 m after that.

Calling a Taxi

In the event that you need to reserve a taxi, it may be easiest to have your hotel call a cab for you. Restaurants are also usually willing to call a taxi on your behalf.

  1. Alpico Taxi TEL: 0263-87-0555 Credit cards OK
  2. Alps Kotsu TEL: 0263-58-2021
  3. Matsumoto Taxi TEL: 0263-33-1141 Credit cards OK
  4. Daiichi Kotsu TEL:0263-27-3332 Phone interpreting available