Plan Your Trip

Medical Treatment and Emergency Numbers

Police: 110

Ambulance/Fire: 119

Lost & Found:

the following KOBAN (police box) and others

  1. Matsumoto Station: Exit from the castle side and head to your right past the row of restaurants.
  2. Entrance to Nawate Street just off of Daimyocho Street.

Natural Disaster Preparedness

Potential disasters include earthquakes and flooding and in the more mountainous areas, landslides and avalanches. Please review what to do in certain situations before coming to Japan. When in Matsumoto, please check with your hotel about their policies for emergency situations. When out and about, evacuation shelter signs are located throughout the city and can help guide you to safe areas. See the English Disaster Preparedness and Prevention page (translated via Google Translate) on the Matsumoto City Official Website. (Japanese page) You can also download the English PDF of their Disaster Management Handbook by Matsumoto City and English PDF of the useful tools to offer information to international visitors when disasters occur.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)

The JMA provides information on natural disasters including earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Their Emergency Warning System is detailed here and more information can be found on their homepage.

Safety tips App

Download this free multilingual app provided by the Japan National Tourism Organization to receive warnings, communication cards, and more in English.

Evacuation Centers & Payphones

Map of major evacuation centers and pay phone locations.

Payphones are free for emergency calls.

Hospitals & Clinics

See JNTO’s Official Medical Guide for more information about Japanese hospitals and clinics, and search for ones around Matsumoto by selecting “Nagano” from the Area drop-down list.