Matsumoto Radiation Report. 20 March

Disaster-related Updates
Mon, Mar 21, 2011

Yet again today Radiation is at perfectly normal levels and a little lower than yesterday.

Average of about..0.065 microsieverts  or 0.000065 milli sieverts

A high of 0.067 microsieverts and a Low of 0.061 microsieverts.

Less than yesterdays and certainly of no concern.

It would take 10 – 30 years of todays radiation here to match the radiation risk of a CT Chest x-ray (6-18 microsieverts ).

I without verification quote the following FYI. “1.5 Million times more radiation was produced from Chernobyll than Fukushima is now”.

For those seeking ‘Sense’ rather than ‘Sensation’ a link;