Matsumoto Radiation Peace of Mind Report. A 3.18 Banana Day19 March

Disaster-related Updates
Sat, Mar 19, 2011

For the peace of mind of those traveling through living in or worrying about their loved ones here in Matsumoto city I will log the radiation levels here in Matsumoto each day for those concerned….you will be able to see if there is any Health and Safety issue in Matsumoto area.

I will for now unless there is reason to provide more detail just give a daily summary.. The data is sourced from this Japanese page.
FYI To date there has been no even slightly dangerous radiation levels here nor are they expected to become so.

Todays radiation levels began at 0.072 microsieverts per hour that is 0.000072 millisieverts per hour and ended at around 0.066 microsieverts per hour.

Bananas have normal radiation levels of about 0.52 microsieverts (.00052 millisieverts) per 150g banana.

So on the Banana meter today your radiation exposure was the same as eating 3.18 Bananas

for the 24 hour period. I will try to make this more informative as I have the time but as you can see for this first report there is nothing to worry about here in Matsumoto today. So still, you can T.I.P/L.I.P in Matsumoto. (Travel in Peace/Live in Peace in Matsumoto).