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Renting a Car in Matsumoto

The good news for those who would like to rent a car in Matsumoto is that there are quite a few car rental places to choose from. Many businesses provide English websites. All the places listed below are within a 5-10 minute walk from the station. Be sure to have a valid driver’s license and passport.

  • Eki (station) Rent-a-car
    Very convenient for those who wish to walk no further than the station parking lot. Walk past some restaurants and a flower shop — don’t follow the curve in the road — and keep walking straight into what appears at first glance to be a service entrance. You will see the offices straight ahead.
    Map & Reservations
    TEL: 0263-32-4690
    1-1-1 Fukashi, Matsumoto
  • Nissan Rent-a-car
    Extremely close to the station. Walk past some restaurants and a flower shop, and follow the curve in the road. It’s just around the corner facing the Bus Terminal.
    Map & Reservations
    TEL: 0263-39-4123
    1-1-8 Fukashi, Matsumoto
  • Toyota Rent-a-car
    3 minutes walking east from the station.
    Map & Reservations
    TEL: 0263-32-7625
    2-1-20 Fukashi, Matsumoto
  • Nippon Rent-a-car
    Located in front of the Alps (West) Exit of Matsumoto Station.
    Map & Reservations
    TEL: 0263- 33-1324
    4-16 Habaue, Matsumoto
  • ORIX Rent-a-car
    Located on the Alps Exit side of Matsumoto Station.
    Map & Reservations
    TEL: 0263-34-3711
    5-47 Habaue, Matsumoto
  • J–Net
    About 4 blocks south and 3 blocks east of Matsumoto Station
    Map (Japanese only)
    TEL: 0263-35-0154
    1−1−12 Honjo, Matsumoto
  • Times
    Although it’s the furthest from the station (a whole 6 blocks!), it’s fairly easy to find. Come out of the station, turn right, follow the road about 6 blocks or until you get to the railway bridge, turn left, and it’s on the 2nd block on your left.
    Map & Reservations
    TEL: 0263-32-7040
    1-2-16 Honjo, Matsumoto

Renting a Car at the Shinshu Matsumoto Airport

The aiport’s Japanese website indicates that you can rent a car from Times, Toyota, ORIX Rent-a-car, or J-net.