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Tourist Information Centers

For when you need tourist information or help with booking a place to stay (day-of reservations). Computers and Wi-Fi are also available.
Due to the effects of COVID-19, the tourist information centers at Matsumoto Station and in front of Matsumoto Castle will be closed from April 24th. However, e-mail and telephone correspondence is still available from 9:00 am to 5:45 pm.
The Matsumoto Experience Information Center at Shinmai Media Garden is still open.

Location Matsumoto Station Building 3F in front of the ticket gates
Open 9:00–17:45, closed Dec 29–Jan 3
Tel 0263-32-2814 Fax 0263-32-2841
Address 1-1-1 Fukashi E-mail


Location One block south of Matsumoto Castle at the traffic light on the corner of Matsumoto Castle S.
Open 9:00–17:45, closed Dec 29–Jan 3
Tel 0263-39-7176 Fax 0263-39-7320
Address 3-8-13 Ote E-mail
Note You can withdraw Japanese yen with your international cash or credit card at the Hachijuni Bank ATM on the premises.


Matsumoto Experience Information Center

Get information on and register for activities and cultural experiences in Matsumoto.

Location On the first floor of the Shinmai Media Garden building, a 7-min walk from Matsumoto Station on the way to Matsumoto Castle.
Open 10:00–20:00 (Tues–Thurs)
Address Shinmai Media Garden 1F, 2-20-2 Chuo