Norikura Highlands

Norikura Highlands

Norikura Highlands is a large plateau surrounded by nature and mountains east of Mt. Norikuradake (3,026 m), which is the 10th highest mountain and one of the younger volcanoes in Japan. You can enjoy the magnificent views from the Japan’s highest skyline – 2,700 m in Norikura.

Also, there are many viewpoints like waterfalls, flower meadows, and caldera lakes. Ushidome Pond is a beautiful area in the forest that gives you one of the best views of the mountains especially on a breathless morning or calm sunset.

You can enjoy various activities like hiking, biking, jogging, mountain climbing, rock climbing, and more. The famous “Heavenly Marathon” race and All-Japan Norikura Mountain Cycling Race are held in June and August (see our Event page). In late spring, you can see the humongous snow walls at the top of the mountain and in summer, take an early bus to the top of the mountain to see the sunrise over a sea of clouds.

In Winter, Mt. Norikura Ski Resort is a renowned winter destination. You can also rent snowshoes or cross-country skis if you want to explore areas like Ichinose or see the frozen Zengoro Falls. The snow remains even in August and some skiers enjoy skiing in the summer.

After walking or skiing, you can soak in Norikura Highlands’ hot springs, which are famous for their milky white water. Norikura’s delicious soba noodles are also popular.

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Norikura Kogen
80 min bus ride from Matsumoto Sta or 60 min bus ride from Shin-Shimashima Sta
80 min drive from Matsumoto Sta
12 Sep 2018