Yebisu-ko (God Yebisu Festival) at Yohashira Shrine, Matsumoto

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Sat, Nov 17, 2012
Yebisu-ko (God Yebisu Festival) at Yohashira Shrine, Matsumoto

November 17th ~ 18th, at Yohashira Shrine, downtown (near Matsumoto Castle) .
The celebration of God Yebisu (Ebisu) is held, there you can get free talisman made of bamboo grass, and enjoy Matsumoto area’s most delicious sweets.  The god Yebisu (Ebisu)  is believed to be in charge of business in general and very popular god in Japan (Remember “Yebisu Beer”?).   Yebisu-ko festival is nation wide festival though, here in Matsumoto, we also have “Matsumoto Sweets Rally” around the shrine at the same time.

Get the tickets shown above at “Sweets Booth” in Yohashira Shrine for 1,200yen, and you can get 4 different kinds of sweet around the shrine.  The rally map comes along the tickets, and you can ask questions at the booth.
Sweets Rally booth with Matsumoto University Students’ volunteers.

If you are around Matsumoto city today and tomorrow, come to Yohashira Shrine, and enjoy Yebisu-ko festival!