Matsumoto rocks M5.5

Disaster-related Updates
Thu, Jun 30, 2011

A quick post from very near our epicentre to reassure everyone that despite a rather large quake at 8.16 this morning, and a strong aftershock five minutes later, our beloved city is still here!

There were several shakes yesterday evening  (four during one of my classes was a bit much) which kind of warned us something bigger might be coming. we are still copping a few aftershocks.

I haven’t had time to trawl the news or touch base with many folks yet, but I can say that the neighbours are chattier than usual, and people are checking out their buildings for cracks. Some masonry fell off a few older buildings that I could see, but to all intents and purposes it is business as usual this morning.

Please bear in mind this is not an official report – I do know people from overseas check here when they see a wild headline on overseas media or catch a rumour on FB . Proper update later, if there needs to be one.