PARCO Department Store

The Parco Department Store near the station is a good place to go to see a variety of Japanese fashion at one go. There is a MUJI shop on the basement floor, while other floors feature designer fashion for men and women. On the top two floors, you’ll find electronics, music, musical instruments, and DVDs. The Village Vanguard is a bookstore that sells all sorts of bizarre and peculiar knickknacks. Also on the top floor is an outdoor equipment store called Kojitsu Sanso, where you can find hiking gear and other supplies.

Tax Free Stores

    • 291295=HOMME SELECT (men’s apparel)
    • CROWDED CLOSET (men’s apparel)
    • EDITION WORKS MEN’S BIGI (men’s apparel)
    • Kojitusanso (outdoor gear & clothing)
    • GU (men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel)
    • ROSEMARY (cosmetics)
    • MUJI (various apparel and home goods)
    • Murasaki Sports (sporting goods)
    • The Body Shop (make-up, skin care, and hair care products)
    • Tommy Hilfiger (men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel)
    • Zoff (optician)
    • See PARCO’s official site for the complete shop list.

Along the same street, you can find many other shops selling clothes, bags, and more, as well as several restaurants.

1-10-30 Chuo
Parking Lot
5 min from Matsumoto Sta