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NIGN (Nagano Interpreter Guide Network)

Locations Throughout Nagano Prefecture
Languages English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese
Hours Vary: by appointment (minimum half-day)
Fees Vary with length of tour

Multilingual Mountain Guides

Locations Throughout Nagano Prefecture
Languages English or Chinese
Hours Vary
Fees Vary with destination, time, number of participants, etc.
Contact Nagano Prefectural Office Tourism Department International Tourism Promotions Office Phone No.: 026-235-7252 E-mail:
MulMoGON Direct Inquiries E-mail:


ALSA (Alps Language Service Assoc.)

Locations Matsumoto Castle (volunteers are on standby at castle’s south entrance), greater Matsumoto City
Languages English (French, Spanish, Chinese by appointment)
Hours Matsumoto Castle tours: 10:00–15:00 daily except Apr 29–May 5, Aug 11–17, and Dec 28 – Jan 9
Other tours by appointment
Fees Guides are volunteers. For tours other than the castle, transportation and other tour-related expenses may apply.
ALSA Guide Station