Matsuka’s unagi(eel)

Mon, Apr 25, 2011
Matsuka's unagi(eel)

Matsuka is a traditional restaurant which serves unagi (eel) in the downtown Matsumoto. The restaurant was founded in 1868 (first year of the Meiji period).

Even though Matsuka has no advertisement, it is always filled with customers, and has been acknowledged as one of the best unagi restaurant in Matsumoto. Matsuka’s fans are not only from local area, but also from other prefectures, they have been continuously visiting this restaurant for the decades.

One group of customers visiting for the third time seeking to taste Mastuka’s unagi, breathed a sigh of relief when they could finally savor the taste of unagi. This was because the restaurant’s high popularity sometimes means that the unagi is sold out as soon as the restaurant opens.

The sixth owner of the restaurant prizes quality over quantity, and selects only the finest unagi. The selected unagi is grilled over glowing hot charcoal by the owner and then steam it (eastern Japanese style). As a result, the unagi is given the most appetizing texture; crispy on the outside but succulent and tender on the inside. It is then grilled a second time with a sweet basting sauce which adds a teriyaki like flavor.

The dishes on Matusuka’s menu vary according to the pieces of unagi included in them:

  • 2 pieces – うな丼 (una-don)
  • 3 pieces – うな弁当 (unagi-bento)
  • 4 pieces – うな重 (una-jyu)
  • 5 pieces – うなぎ定食  (unagi-teishoku)

All menu items come with rice, soup and pickles.

Matsuka is one of a worthwhile visiting restaurant in Matsumoto.