Volunteer aid work in Tohoku

Thu, Apr 28, 2011
Volunteer aid work in Tohoku

You might want to do some volunteer aid work in the Tohoku area.
So far, Matsumoto City and Nagano Prefecture didn’t organize volunteer work by citizens.
Some private groups are going to Tohoku.

One of them is “cooking aid corps Mirai“, which some cooks of restaurants in Matsumoto organized. They will go to Rikuzen-takada, one of the most badly damaged cities and cook more than 1,000 dishes for evacuees. Dishes are warm and delicious because professional cooks will make them.
A leader of the “corps” is Asada-san, the owner of restaurant “Donguri” near Matsumoto station. I talked with him.

He says, they need only the following things/people:

– A truck (a truck with refrigerator is best) and/or driver to Tohoku (it takes 10 hours!)
– Money (it takes 200,000 yen for gasoline, plates, etc. each time.)
– Plates and cooked food they can take to Tohoku (not ingredients).
– Some group who can go to the place and cook instead of them, using a cauldron and some other tools they will leave.