In winter, the Norikura Kogen Tourist Information Center is turned into a winter equipment rental center called Little Peaks where you can rent snowshoes and all kinds of other gear. Norikura Highlands is a great place to go snowshoeing in winter.

For complete beginners, you can choose to participate in one of Little Peaks guided tours. If you are confident to go out on your own, then there are numerous places to start exploring right from the tourist information center.

The most popular spot is Zengoro Falls, which freezes over in the winter creating a breathtaking scene. Going to Zengoro requires some hiking up and downhills. Zengoro Falls is also connected to Ushidome Pond via a woodland trail.

Zengoro Falls frozen in winter

Another popular spot is snowshoeing around the Ichinose area, which is more open and flat. Here you can walk over a frozen pond and see the mountains towering above.

The entrance to the Ichinose area
Norikura Highlands
Parking Lot
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