¥500 Meal Deals around the Greater Matsumoto Area

พุธ, ม.ค. 31, 2018

¥500 de Dozura!? is a gourmet coupon book that offers great discounts at restaurants, cafes, and bars throughout the central Nagano area. I’ve used the book a number of times in more than one area and not only have I gotten some nice discounts, but I’ve found places that are worth visiting even without the book.

WHERE can you go?
The Chushin (central Nagano) version introduces places in Matsumoto,  Shiojiri, and Azumino! The page number of the restaurant corresponds to the number on the map. A number of locations can be found on Nakamachi Street, just south of the Castle.

The red area is the area to the east of Matsumoto Station.

HOW does it work?
All items listed in the book are ¥500 and you can visit each place up to three times! Some locations even offer additional coupons on your second or third visit. The book can only be used by one person at a time, so if you go with a friend or family, be sure that everyone has their own copies.

WHEN can you use it?
Volume 8 of Dozura is valid from now through April 7, 2018. Many locations serve both lunch and dinner and even offer the discounts on weekends, but certain time restrictions, such as lunchtime only, may apply.

WHERE can you buy it?
Typically bookstores and convenience stores carry it, and I picked up a copy at Tsutaya. The closest bookstore to Matsumoto Station is the bookstore in the attached Midori department store. Maruzen is also just a few minutes down the road from the Oshiro (castle) Exit, but you may find it at a convenience store as well. The book itself costs ¥980.

Books are in Japanese only.

In addition to local Japanese fare such as sushi, takoyaki, and soba noodles, you’ll also find a variety of other food and drink. Desserts are also on the menu!

¥1,180 down to ¥500! Dozura p. 70
¥780 down to ¥500! Dozura p. 50
¥750 down to ¥500! Dozura p. 58
¥830 down to ¥500! Dozura p. 25
¥750 down to ¥500! Dozura p. 40
¥750 down to ¥500! Dozura p. 123
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Look forward to a growing list as I visit more locations, and find places you’ll want to keep going back to!