Reasons to Visit Matsumoto

Japan’s Oldest Castle

Trace the footsteps of the samurai at Matsumoto Castle

Built over 400 years ago, this six-story castle still retains its original wooden structure. Walk through the castle’s halls, climb to the top of the tower, and imagine life as it might have been as you take in Matsumoto’s long history of samurai, ninja, and castle town culture.

The Breathtaking Japan Alps

Hike along the rooftop of Japan

Surrounded by mountains, Matsumoto is truly a paradise for outdoor lovers. From laid-back nature trails in the stunningly beautiful Kamikochi to the towering, 3,000-meter peaks of Mt. Hotaka and Mt. Yari, here you will find a trail for everyone.

14 Hot Springs with Stunning Mountain Views

Unwind in our natural oasis

If you are hunting for an unforgettable hot spring experience, Matsumoto is the place to be. Soak in outdoor baths with gorgeous outlooks or milky white waters, unwind in spas in the middle of nature or at traditional Japanese inns — the options are endless!

A Countryside Getaway

Escape the cities and explore another side of Japan

Had enough of bustling cities and crowded trains? Come to Matsumoto and get a glimpse of a different Japan where you can cycle among the rice patties, meet local farmers at the morning market, and pick sun-ripened, fresh fruits from the orchards.

Yayoi Kusama’s Avant-garde

See the captivating art of her famous polka dots

As birthplace of the world-renowned artist, Matsumoto offers you a closer look at Kusama’s life in the powerful exhibit at the Matsumoto Museum of Art, featuring works ranging from her childhood art to her enormous, awe-inspiring paintings.


  • 新まつもと物語プロジェクトが制作した、ユニークなストーリー性のあるプロモーションビデオです。
  • 「まつもと」で楽しむアウトドアな癒し旅
  • 「まつもと」で楽しむアウトドアな冬の休日
  • 山岳リゾートの聖地 ~信州松本~
  • 「まつもと」だけで味わえる美食と夜の賑わい
  • 本物のお城と文化薫る城下町松本


  • 最優秀賞「松本AtoZ」(鈴木 隆子)
  • 優秀賞「フォトジェニック松本」(永田 太郎)
  • 優秀賞「まつもと街歩き」(マツモトマチコ)