Tokusawa Camp Ground

캠핑장・산장 가미코치, 북알프스
Tokusawa Camp Ground

Tokusawa is a two-hour hike from Kamikochi bus terminal and on the way to Mt. Yari and Mt. Hotaka. It is quieter than Konashidaira. Food is not sold at that site and all garbage must be brought home with you. Sinks and bathrooms are available. A public bath is available at the neighboring Tokusawa Lodge (15:00-19:30, ¥800).
Tent space rentals start at ¥700 per person. No reservations are required if you are bringing your own tent.

4468 Kamikochi, Azumi
공식 사이트
Camping fee (adults)
Rental tent
¥7,500Sleeps 3 to 4 people
Rental blanket
¥500Other equipment rentals are also available
찾아오시는 길
100 min from Kamikochi Bus Terminal