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Shiga Fukujuso Festival


Everyone rejoice because spring is here!

Mar 7, 2020 (Sat) to Mar 22, 2020 (Sun)
Parking: 300 yen

Every year around mid-March, spring’s arrival is announced by a dainty, daisy-like flower called fukujuso, which is the first wildflower to bloom in the area. In English, fukujuso (Adonis amurensis) is sometimes called amur adonis or amur peasant’s eye. It is a yellow gem that is often found in woodland habitats and pops its head up even through the snow.

The event is in a small welcoming country community who host it and provide a warmed heated shed like hall in the fields, selling noodles, food and local goods and produce. The visit involves a walk over damp fields and maybe some remaining snow.

This is recommended to those staying in Matsumoto a little longer.

While you are there also visit the Shiga Fossil Museum a major feature of the village. Famously, an ancient whale was unearthed in the area which is rich in fossils. If you are into fossils and such, it is a worthwhile.


Take the Shiga Line bus from Matsumoto Bus Terminal (it runs infrequently, so make sure you check the schedule) to the the Kasekikan (Shiga Fossil Museum) Bus Stop. It’s a 10-minute walk from there. (You can see the bus schedule here, but it’s only available in Japanese. Weekend hours differ.)

  • Shiga Fossil Museum

    Shiga Fossil Museum

    Take the Shiga Line bus from Matsumoto Bus Terminal to the Kasekikan (Fossil Museum) Bus Stop.
    20 min from Azumino Interchange. 25–30 min from central Matsumoto.
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