Mt. Norikura Snow corridor Tour Bus Service until end of June

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Mon, May 27, 2013
Mt. Norikura Snow corridor Tour Bus Service until end of June

Make a reservation for “Mt. Norikura snow corridor bus tour” before the end of June.

The tour bus will take the tourists to nearly the top of Mt. Norikura (3,026m)from Shinshimashima bus terminal in Hata area in Matsumoto City.  To reach “Shinshimashima Bus Terminal”,  take “Kamikochi line” from JR Matsumoto station, off at the last station – Shinshimashima. It takes about 30 minutes on the train.  At Shinshimashima bus terminal, the tour bus for Mt. Norikura leaves only 4 times a day.

Please check out the bus schedule!! ⇒Mt. Norikura Bus Schedule

Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way for about 2 hours, the bus will take you to the completely different world with snow covered mountain driveway.

Please keep these issue, have a great mountain experience!!   On the mountain, the climate is like in winter even in the early summer.   Please prepare winter gears if you intend to trek on the high altitude mountain zone.

If you are planning to enjoy mountain trekking in Norikura area during this season, you need to fill out “Trip Registration Form” and submit the registration form to the bus driver before you get off the bus.
Registration Form can be downloaded from here ⇒ Norikura Trekking Registration Form

Please have a safe trip!!