Matsumoto Soba Matsuri 松本そば祭り 

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Sat, Oct 5, 2013
Matsumoto Soba Matsuri 松本そば祭り 

Soba Festival at Matsumoto Castle is on October 12th to 14th (Sat to Monday) this year.

The biggest annual “Soba” festival in Nagano prefecture which attracts more than 160,000  epicureans and tourists from all over Japan.  Not only soba, bunch of other local food and drink booths are arranged around the castle. This year, local “Sake” tasting event(1,500 yen/ticket) is also taking place at “Flower -Clock Park” in front of PARCO department store in downtown.

On the way to the castle, on Daimyo-cho Street, live “Taiko (Japanese drums)” performance and other live performances by local artists will be played all day long.

Soba chefs from many other regions are competing their original hand made soba in the castle garden and downtown area for 3 days. This is going to be a perfect opportunity to taste different kind of soba with regional varieties, since each soba dish costs around 500 yen for this event.

You never get bored hanging about Matsumoto during this event since local soba, beer, sake, beef steak, fruits, vegetables and many other specialities are available.

Please come and enjoy this wonderful gastronomical party in Matsumoto!!!