Craft Fair in Agata-no-mori

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Sun, May 25, 2008

The annual Craft Fair in Agata-no-mori is upon us once more, on its traditional last weekend in May.There’s always a really nice atmosphere around this event. It’s a real family affair and child-friendly. Plenty of space to plonk down on the grass and have a picnic, and watch the world go by. And go by it certainly does – this event seems to be getting bigger year on year – ever more vendors and the park positively bulging with visitors looking for something special to take home.
Wooden clocks
The stalls here offer everything you could possibly imagine at a craft fair, and then some. Some things you might expect – the knick-knacks and trinkets, beads and bracelets; there’s tons of lovely pottery in all shapes and sizes; woodworking and master carpentry from toys to furniture; cloth, clothes and fabrics; incense, candles and dream catchers. But would you expect to find a working blacksmith? Right there, belting away on his anvil making tools, blades, files etc. Need a straw brush? There’s a stall for you! Not sure what to get for that awkward birthday pressie? Look no further! You name it, you’ll find it somewhere under the trees or by a tepee.
Unfortunately it looks like the weather will dampen the party on Sunday – but if it does clear up, I thoroughly recommend you wander along and have a snoop around. You will need some spendies though; bargains are few & far between.
To get there – head away from Matsumoto station on the main street (eki mae dori) and keep walking for about 20mins – until you can go no further.
Blacksmith Teepee