Matsumoto Radiation Report 22 March

Disaster-related Updates
Wed, Mar 23, 2011

Today again the radiation levels were lower than yesterday.
The average was a little under 57 micro Sieverts. Again the media has been less than proportionate or even remotely responsible  in its dramatization of  things…for example reports of radiation in food-spinach.

– This was noted by…careful monitoring not discovery of it as an oversight.

– No one will be eating this spinach identified in saftey checks of all products from the area now.

– If you did eat this spinach you would have to sit down and eat it for a year or 84kg of it to achieve even a remote chance of minor risk.

I will post a more useful link today whereby all the radiation reports for the country can be viewed alongside normal readings data in English.

In these reports you will be able to see that almost everywhere no even reportable levels of radiaton occured. Their was a minor spike  though in the neighbouring prefectures on the first couple of days after the tsunami. even those were at well below levels of concern, short or long term. The reports for Fukushima and Miyagi though are a little more juicy. The Miyagi report remaining in Japanese!! You can still make reasonable sense of that though.